Curry's Cottage History

When Hearth acquired Curry’s Cottage the mud walls were severely bulging due to the weight of the roof, the ancient roof timbers were in need of repair and there was a very limited electricity supply. Hearth remedied these problems and also built Mr Curry an annex alongside the cottage in place of some rundown byres. This annex provided the modern facilities of a kitchen and bathroom, along with a new bedroom.

A few years after Mr Curry’s death the annex was turned into holiday accommodation for those wishing to holiday in Fermanagh. The thatched cottage has been rejuvenated and turned into a space for activities such as school visits, and local community storytelling events, ceilidhs and traditional music sessions.

Eco Idea

Finding a sustainable use for a historic building is very important as it ensures it will be protected and preserved into the future, allowing us to learn from how past generations lived and build better futures.

Reusing an existing building also saves thousands of tons of carbon emissions that would be released in the process of building a new house.