Tullymurry House History

When the fourth generation of McMinns inherited Tullymurry House they realised work needed to be done to modernise the house and to also find a purpose for the building that would sustain it into the future. Therefore the house was leased to the Irish Landmark Trust for holiday letting, with the family assisting in funding its restoration and retaining close involvement. Hearth took on the role of architect for the project, which was carried out in 2012.

The house was restored with as little intervention as possible and consisted mostly of repairs, reslating the roof using salvaged slate, rebuilding one of the chimneys, repairing sash windows, rewiring and plumbing and introducing central heating.

In order to enhance the facilities of Tullymurry House one of the stables was converted into a wellness centre and spa.

If you wish to find out more about Tullymurry House please visit: www.tullymurryhouse.com

Eco Idea

Running and maintaining a house as large as Tullymurry can be expensive and time consuming, turning this house into holiday accommodation has ensured its future.

Using recycled materials to repair a building is much more sustainable than using something new, it will also match the existing building much better.

The woodburning boiler installed at Tullymurry is a much more sustainable way of heating the house than using mains oil or gas. Wood can be gathered from the surrounding gardens to keep it burning throughout the year.