Ormeau Park House History

Some years after the last gardener left the house, Belfast City Council tried to sell the building. No buyer was found and the building fell into disrepair.

In 2006 Hearth purchased a long lease on the property from the council. The building had been badly vandalised and was missing its roof. The building was not listed and had no internal features to protect. This gave Hearth the opportunity to experiment with insulation techniques that would bring the house up to modern standards. Sheep's wool insulation and thermal plasterboard were employed to reduce heat loss.

Ormeau Park House was awarded Most Energy Efficient Refurbishment Scheme in the Housing Executive’s Home Energy Awards 2009.


Finding a sustainable use for a historic building is very important as it ensures it will be protected and preserved into the future, allowing us to learn from how past generations lived and to build better futures.

Reusing an existing building also helps us save thousands of tons of carbon emissions that would be released in the process of building a new house.

Ormeau Park House is a good example of how an existing house can be adapted to meet modern standards.